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-Ride the wave of eugenics and selectively breed your cats to maximize your revenues and create (or buy) the UBERKATZE.

-Cats have 3 stats: (S)trength, (B)eauty and (F)ertility.

-(Right now you can only make money by putting cats in the canon to sell them. The stats don't mean much but they will get you more money when the cat is sold  (you can skip the rest of this paragraph). High Strength makes for good cat slaves that are worth a lot of money. High Beauty makes cats that can win pageants often and earn a steady income. Fertility makes for cats that reproduce a lot. 

-Breed cats in the Ketty Koitron =0w0=™ by putting one male and one female in the two slots. A small light will indicate the gender currently in the bin (although the sex is shown on the stat sheet of the cat). Breeding cats combines their stats randomly with a chance for stat gains.

-Buy more cats, food and water on your laptop.


WASD - Move

Left Mouse - Pick up cats (no need to be close, just point at a cat)

E - Use/Interact

Q - Leave Laptop

Space (Hold) - Show all cat stats

F5 - Quick Save 

F9- Quick Load

Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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RocKATLauncher001.7z 26 MB