Version 0.0032

Changes and fixes:

+fixed equipments clipping out of the submarine when unequipped (now checks if front, right, left, back are clear in that order)

+ship's core tube is now easier to lift when crouched

+underwater ambient sound now fades in and out at the ends

+simplified feedback form, added a cooldown to the SEND button and a default check so people don’t send empty feedback

+Added 2 small cursors indicating the status for your hands (empty/holding item/holding lever)

+Fixed clams letting you out for no reason and their eyes looking at the ship and not the player

+Gave the damage detection between player/ship and ship/items a a minimum amount as every little collision would trigger the sound effects.

+Removed a bit of friction in the physic material of the player and the ship to prevent sticking to the hatch

+Made the ore to oxygen conversion button only convert 10 units instead of everything

+the radar can no display your 3 last paid for informations

+Moved jump and ship burst boost input into update

+clamped the camera’s movement so it doesn’t go backwards

+Added maximum distance between player and held objects beyond which they are dropped

+fixed the ship’s core door bugging halfway when quickly pulling down after pressing its button

+added sound effect and healing effect to the sbahmo cans


DEEP_0_0032.7z 78 MB
Mar 18, 2018

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