Version 0.0033

+Added the ore canister, a blue container prefilled with ore that you can now find.

+HATCH OBSTRUCTED grey when off and red when on

+make the radar text able to show a few lines of information

+Added a tutorial for the equipment, tutorial for the radar in the book.

+Fixed the clams so they can now be scaled and retain their trap properties

+Fixed the giant baby eel AI that would get stuck in walls or not do anything. They still need work but it’s much more functional.

+Added sounds for shooting and resupplying the flares. Also made it harder for them to collide with the ship once shot.

+Redesigned the whole cruise control lever system so it’s one big lever instead of 3.

+Fixed a bug where items that exited the ship were still counted as being inside the ship.

+Moved the spotlight toggle button in front of the ship controls so it’s more accessible and made the HUD indicator for it work.

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Sep 09, 2018

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